After spending two windy nights in Hanko, we continued towards west and Åland Archipelago on the 8th of July. Here are some photos from July.

Nordic summer at its best… back in winter gear. After a short warm period in early July, the weather turned colder again.

Helsingholmen – the one and only! It was nice to visit this favourite harbour also during high-season.

Korpoström guest harbour is located in beautiful surroundings and has a good location, when heading for Åland.

After a windy leg across Kihti, it was nice to anchor in the shelter of Bänö-Ön island in Åland.

From Bänö-Ön we continued to Rödhamn, located by the Åland Sea.

We made a stopover at Kastelholm also this year

Visit to nearby Smakbyn restaurant is a must!

Leaving Kastelholm’s fjord for Northern Åland.