We have now uploaded two new videos on our YouTube-channel. The first one is a short movie about last year’s sailing trip to the High Coast and Stockholm Archipelago. I actually edited the video during the holidays, but when exporting the movie, very frustrating audio sync problem came up. There seems to be a bug in iMovie, so I could not get the audio right by any means. Therefore, I downloaded trial version of the Final Cut Pro X, which is able to read the iMovie-file. Final Cut Pro is more advanced editing software, so I think that the result was better after all.

Going through and editing video clips from the summer is an excellent therapy in this darkest time of the year. Hope you like the video!

The second video is not about sailing, but about testing our new GoPro -camera in Hemsedal, Norway. So those who are interested in skiing or using GoPro -camera in general, check it out!

Sailing in the High Coast of Sweden (link to the YouTube-video)
Music: First Infection by Pekka Laine

Skiing in Hemsedal 2013 with GoPro (link to the YouTube-video)
Music: Just Breath (Trance Dubstep) by Chandubada CC By NC