Mjältön is an island located about 4 nm west from Ulvöhamn. We decided to head next for the popular, sheltered anchorage in Baggviken, on the eastern side of the island. There are some pontoons for visiting boats in the bay, but we decided to anchor in the middle of the bay, and inflate our dinghy.

In the evening we climbed to the Mjältöntoppen, which is 236 meters over the sea level. The nature trail to the top was very well marked, but it was very difficult for us to notice where the trail begins. Anyway, we walked those 2 kilometres to the top and got to see great views over the High Coast area.  There is also a lovely tradition that we also read about in the sailing guide: since the 1960’s the sailors, who have climbed to the top, have taken small pieces of rock with them. Here you can see the amount of rocks there are at the moment:

Lovely views when going downhill

The popular harbour in Baggviken

There is a sauna in Mjältön Baggviken that we heated after climbing to the top!