After sunny days in Tallinn, we continued towards west along the Estonian coast on Sunday the 5th of July. We chose to head for Lohusalu, located about 20 miles from the Estonian capital.

This time, we were four people on board, since Antti’s parents had joined us in Tallinn and decided to stay onboard and cross the Gulf Of Finland with us. We had earlier made plans to continue on the Estonian side of the Gulf and maybe even visit Hiiumaa island, but the strong westerly winds forecasted made us decide to cross back to the Finnish side, where the archipelago would help us to keep on sailing towards west. Furthermore, good easterly winds were forecasted for Monday, so we decided to take the advantage of those.

We left early in the morning, since the wind had been forecasted to pick up in the afternoon. This was a good decision: in the end, the strong winds came earlier than forecasted, and it was gusting around 15 m/s (30 kts) already at 11 o’clock.

Due to the strong winds, the guest harbour ‘Itäsatama‘ in Hanko was already full in the afternoon, when we arrived there, but we managed to find a vacant berth on the Itämeren Portti harbour, which is located on the nearby island. There is a frequent and free connection between the harbour and mainland, so in the end we liked this harbour more due to its beautiful location on the island and better facilities.
/Minna & Antti

Here is a short video about crossing the Gulf of Finland:

Crossing Gulf of Finland
Feelings from Monday when sailing from Estonia to Finland! First the wind was light but increased during the day to near gale strength. #sailing
Posted by S/Y Dolphin Dance on 8. heinäkuuta 2015