From Örö we continued towards Hanko in strong 10-13 m/s (Force 6) breeze. The wind was from southwest so we got a good speed for the whole leg across the Hanko western. Mostly the skerries were giving at least some shelter from the swell of the Baltic Sea, but the ride got a bit bumby in some places.

My brother’s family arrived in Hanko for the evening so we had a record number of people overnighting onboard (six). For these occasions 29 ft boat (without an aft cabin) is a bit too small.

On Friday afternoon we continued to Tammisaari archipelago for the night. This area turned out to be a very beautiful part of the coast between Hanko and Helsinki with plenty of natural harbours. First we tried to find a place from Trelänningen, but as the island is located close to the open sea the anchorage was rather windy. After touring about an hour, we found a more sheltered place to drop the hook located on the north side of the island called Långskär. In the evening some dark thunder clouds rolled over from the west which made this peaceful scenery rather dramatic.