After a provisioning stopover at Nynäshamn, we continued (on the 4th of July) with a short 11 nautical miles’ leg to Landsort, which is located by the open Baltic Sea just south of the Nynäshamn peninsula. Landsort is actually the name of the lighthouse on the southern tip of the island Öja, but often the whole island is referred to as Landsort.

There are three harbours on Öja – the norhern harbour ’Norrhamn’ is the island’s guest harbour with about 40 berths for visiting boats. We rented bicycles from the guest harbour, as there is over two kilometres’ distance from Norrhamn to the village and about three kilometres to the lighthouse.  The small village is picturesque and there is a nice little bar by the Västerhamn – that is the western harbour, which is used by the pilot vessels. 
There is also a small eastern harbour, which is located by the steep rocks. The harbour is used mainly by passanger boats, when the sea state permits. However, there were also two small sailing boats in the harbour, but we couldn’t find information on the depth etc. from our Pilot book (Arholma-Landsort harbour guide).

Landsort Västerhamn 
Landsort is the oldest lighthouse in Sweden
Öja island is four kilometers long and only 500 meters wide
Saltboden is a nice pub in the western harbour and serves great local beer ’Landsort Lager’

Landsort Österhamn (Eastern harbour)

The northern harbour ’Norrhamn’ is the island’s guest harbour