Finally we got plenty of sunshine and a bit warmer weather this weekend so it was good time to start with the keel repair. The damaged part of the leading edge of the keel was re-laminated. Also the front part of the keel bottom was repaired at the same time. However, the scratch on the bottom of the keel continues further aft so it has to be repaired in two stages. After the front part is finished, the boat is lifted up and supported on another part of the keel, so that the center of the keel bottom can be accessed.

I was checking the calendar and calculating the time that it takes to paint required layers of epoxy primer and antifouling to the keel. Unfortunately, it seems that it might take another month or so before we are ready to launch. According to the present estimation the first sail of the season would be in the beginning of June. Well, time passes quickly as there are plenty of things to do. 

The damaged area was sanded. Dremel is useful tool for operating in tight places.

Heating the area under repair.

Applying new layers of GRP mat. Laminating was done by professional since I do not have previous experience of laminating fiberglass.