Antti wrote earlier about the interior of the boat, but now I will focus on how we have improved S/Y Dolphin Dance’s interior space lately with interior design! One could say that I have added some female touch with the details: there are new pillows and other stuff that will make the space even better. Now it shall be more comfortable to live at S/Y Dolphin Dance during this summer.

Sailors usually have a lot of fabrics and cutlery with sailing-related themes – in traditional blue and white. We also have some that kind of accessories. For example, all the cutlery is white with pictures of navy blue anchors and text: navigare vivere est.

Since the berths / settees in the saloon are light blue, I additionally chose to freshen up the looks of the interior space with some light blue and turquoise. I began by knitting the potholders of turquoise yarn. Those ones you can see in the picture above. Underneath, you can see my next purchase – a couple of turquoise pillows for the saloon!

When I brought the pillows to the boat, I immediately noticed that those would not be enough since they are two small pillows and one might need pillows for reading or watching television – to be able to sit comfortably in the saloon. This is why I bought a couple of more pillows, this time a bit bigger ones and with slightly different shade of turquoise. Those ones you can see here underneath.

The fitted carpet in S/Y Dolphin Dance is light blue but actually, the color was more grey than blue. That’s why one of my projects before we started sailing was to wash the carpet. I took it with me to our summer house and there it was easily washed at our terrace with traditional Finnish pine soap and hot water. Then it took almost one day to get it dry but now it is back in the boat and it looks cleaner than ever!

This fitted carpet covers almost the whole boat but not the toilet area. There has been a separate carpet for the toilet but it was in bad shape so we came up with a new solution – a regular toilet / bathroom carpet in circular shape would do well. Here you can see our new turquoise toilet carpet in action. In the picture, you can also notice that my lovely Emu sheepskin boots have found their way to the boat – I decided that their home should be at the boat for now since the Nordic evenings might be cold and these lovely, soft, woolen boots are going to warm up my feet very well indeed!

I also wanted to make it easier to do the dishes on the boat. There is namely only two tiny sinks in the galley. This is why I was really excited to find the dish drainer you can see underneath – especially because of its turquoise shade! Now it is easier to dry up the dishes. Well, one needs to use a kitchen towel or a bowl underneath the drainer but anyway, I was happy to find this one!

Surprisingly, we have some turquoise food savers!

Another one of my latest projects was to knit a nest tote to store some veggies. I got some help from Purlbee’s patterns but I adjusted it just a little. I knitted an elongated version of the bag to make it able to hold tomatoes well enough. When we are sailing, I will surely keep on knitting more – we would need another one of these to give good storage space for our fruits and veggies. This kind of bag I can easily hang up without worrying that all the tomatoes will be around the boat. I will probably knit more of these bags and I will keep you updated with my new interior design projects!