We enjoyed our three nights’ stay in Stockholm: the location of the guest harbour Wasahamn is excellent since it is situated so close to the city center on Djurgården. On Thursday, we decided to leave the sunny capital behind and started the journey towards Åland. For a change, we decided to stay at wild anchorages.

First we sailed to Gällnö, Getudden. The wind was light so we enjoyed relaxed sailing. However, the traffic outside Stockholm is busy and all the time there are boats and passenger vessels passing from both sides. Therefore, there is constant cross-swell in the archipelago near Stockholm.

Sailing past the Vaxholm castle

Gällnö, Getudden

On Friday, we continued first to Ingmarsö, but the harbour was already full in the early afternoon. Thus, after emptying our septic tank and refueling, we continued to nearby wild anchorage. The place is modestly called ”Paradiset” – the Paradise. Indeed, it is a very sheltered anchorage with beautiful surroundings. Obviously, many other boaters wanted to stay in the paradise as well: there were over hundred boats mooring next to the shores and more than twenty boats mooring in the middle of the bay. /Antti & Minna

Narrow waterway from Getudden towards Ingmarsö  


 Bullbåten sells for example bread, ice cream and strawberries for boaters