We are planning to improve the interiors of S/Y Dolphin Dance before the sailing season starts. During our sailing journey last summer, we learned that the key for a comfortable life onboard is to organize everything one has. All things need to have a purpose and a designed place especially when sailing with a rather small boat. 
We shall order some holders for daily necessities. In other words, we are trying to find out ways how to make life onboard easier and more organized. We are also comparing some storage boxes. For example, how do you store shoes onboard? There should be a very functional system and we have not yet come up with one.

One of the projects we are planning are new curtains. We would like to have white or beige ones instead of the blue ones we have, to freshen up the look, especially because the blue curtains have lost their color in the sunshine. Here one inspiration photo for the curtains from a new Hallberg-Rassy that we checked out at the boat fair.
Additionally, we are planning to order a new pillowtop for the v-shaped berth in the forepeak and a form-fitting sheet. Does anyone have ideas or experiences to share? Where from could we order a form-fitting pillowtop to keep on top of the actual mattress in the forepeak? Maybe I could sew the sheet myself, as I am also planning to freshen up my sewing skills to be able to create the new curtains…