Now it is official: we will continue our sailing adventures with a slightly bigger (34 ft) boat! Dolphin Dance I is now sold and will continue her adventures under a German flag. I will participate in the delivery trip of our old boat in August, so it’s nice for me to be able to sail with the old DD once more.

Our new boat (she will be later renamed as Dolphin Dance II) is made by the same yacht brand as the old DD. However, she will be of different generation as she represents early 21st century sailboat design with shorter fin keel, modern rig and wider beam especially in the aft section.

Dolphin Dance II is a Germán Frers designed Hallberg-Rassy 342 from 2007. She is currently located in the West Coast of Finland, some 200 nautical miles from our home port, so we will be starting this year’s holiday trip from there after the Midsummer.

The boat was launched in the end of May and we cast off for the first test sail on the 31st of May. Here are some images on our first test sail with her.