On Thursday we set sail just before noon and headed for Härnösand, which is the starting point of the Hight Coast. The sun was shining and we had finally some cosy downwind sailing in the morning, like the ones who like us on Facebook saw in the photo we posted while we were sailing! 🙂
In the evening we then arrived in Härnosand. We chose to go to the Norra Sundet – the northern harbour. Unfortunately, this one does not have service like toilets or showers but one needs to go to the other harbour for taking a shower and borrow the toilet in the nearby hotel. 
By the way, as you can see in our last photo, we are back at using our old CQR-anchor. It turned out that the roll-bar in smaller 10 kg Delta anchor was placed higher, when stored in the bow, than in the CQR. Also the roll-bar was smaller, and therefore getting on board from the bow was a bit too difficult. We also tried to find bow ladders, that would work with Delta, but could not find suitable ones from local maritime stores. Thus, we decided to return the Delta and continue with the CQR after all…
Now we shall start exploring the High Coast!
/Antti & Minna

Arriving in Härnösand

Norra sundet 

Nordiska dagarna – the Nordic Days are organized in Härnösand now