S/Y Dolphin Dance is a HR29 nr. 483 built in 1990. It was designed by Swedish yacht designers Olle Enderlein and Christoph Rassy. The model was in production 1982-1994 and total of 571 hulls were built, which is an excellent result. The Hallberg-Rassy yard is situated in Ellös, west coast of Sweden, and like all HRs, the 29 is designed for the North Sea weather conditions. Yachting Monthly wrote on Second Opinion -article (Nov. 96´) about HR29: “With her deep body, long lead-ballasted fin keel and a rudder hung an almost full-depht skeg, the hull looks capable of handling just about anything the sea might throw at it.”

HR29 has many great innovations and qualities that would be nowadays too expensive to built on a boat of this size. Also design trends have changed: flat-bottoms, bulb-keels and spade rudders are a norm in modern sailboat design. Furthermore interior space has become more important factor for the buyers. HR29 is a relatively narrow boat (2,83 m) in todays standards and does not have an aft cabin. However the interior layout is very seagoing and settees in the saloon make excellent seaberths.

Foredeck is flat and you get good grip of toerail when working on deck.  The chain locker is arranged for self stowing

HR29 is also a relatively heavy boat: the yard announces the displacement of 3800 kg, which (like in all HRs) is an underestimate. I think that the Dolphin Dance weights at least 1000 kg over the book value. The relatively heavy displacement has it benefits when it comes to a comfortable ride at sea but has a downside effect on light winds performance. With a furling genoa the sail area is about 46 m2. In light winds the use of gennaker or spinnaker is recommended.

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