Today it is the last day of our skiing holiday in Hemsedal, Norway. Perhaps, it is no wonder to you, that we are fans of this amazing country and want to keep coming back year after year. I have been in Norway maybe eight or nine times now and each time I am left with a feeling, that I want to come back soon and see more.

Hemsedal offered a different face of Norway for us. The skiing center is located in the middle part of the country, less than 100 km south from the famous mountain region of Jotunheimen. The scenery around the ski center is also high and mountainous – the nickname ’Scandinavian Alps’ is in our opinion well deserved!
For me, like for many others as well, the mountainous scenery gives same kind of appreciation and feeling than the open sea does  I guess it has to do with understanding your own smallness compared to the greatness of the nature.

Here are some photos from the slopes…

/Antti & Minna