Besides sailing, both alpine and cross-country skiing are definitely among our favourite sports. Unfortunately, this winter has been mild, so there has been limited possibilities for skiing in southern Finland. Thus, we decided to travel to Levi in Lapland for winter holiday. Northern Lapland is a very snow-secure destination and the weather did not let us down during the winter holiday week.

On the morning of the arrival day, the tempereture was near minus 30°C, but after a freezing cold arrival to Lapland, the temperatures climbed closer to zero degrees during the rest of the week. The wind was strong during the first couple of days which made the weather feel colder, but also the wind eased towards the end of the week.

Generally the weather gets better towards the Spring as it is probably not that cold anymore and the sun stays up longer. However, I really enjoyed also the February in Lapland, as the snowy trees make the scenery magical and the skiing trails stay in good condition throughout the day. 
Lapland has definitely some magic since once it gets you, you just want to return there again and again.