On Friday 6th May we started the season 2011. We were aiming at visiting Minna’s parents’ summerhouse in Masku, Finland. This was also the first sailing experience for her and it was a good one!

There were still lots of things to do before Dolphin Dance was ready to sail. We for example cleaned the interior of the boat and put the sails on. This was the first start of the season with Dolphin Dance so there was some wondering to do. Nevertheless, when all was done, we changed into sailing clothes and started. After filling the water tank we departed from the harbour where the boat had spent the long and cold winter.

I (Minna) took the navigation course two years ago but since then I had not been able to try using my skills. So it felt really nice to see that I actually knew how one should act and which sea marks should be passed on which side. For me already that was exciting! Actually, it was especially exciting since Antti had to do some maintenance since there was a little problem with fresh water pump so he had to fix it and I myself was steering the boat.

The trip started nicely and I took loads of pictures. It took four hours to get to the summer house. In deed, we were only able to sail for about one and a half hours and the rest of the time we were motoring. Anyway, I got my first sailing experience and all went well.

Luckily we had quite a good weather conditions – the Sun was shining and we had 12°C degrees. Now the weather forecast seems to get better and better so hopefully we’ll soon be able to enjoy more of the Finnish summer!


 Cherry tomatos, mini mozzarella balls and basil for snacks
Arriving to the summerhouse