We started the main summer journey on Monday evening after everything was packed. As always on the day one, we were late from the initial schedule and as it was getting late, we decided to drop the anchor in a natural harbour in southern Airisto, located close to our homeport.

Moment of food (Ekholm anchorage)

On the following day we continued towards southern part of the Archipealago Sea. After motoring for two hours, we hoisted the sails and started beating towards Tunhamn in light wind. However, the wind increased and veered to east during the day, so we got a good sailing day in the end. The weather continued to be variable as the day started as sunny and warm, but it started to rain about 15 minutes before arrival to Tunhamn. Also the wind increased to about 12-13 m/s (26 kts), but fortunately the harbour of Tunhamn was very sheltered for this wind.

In the evening, we toured the island along the beautiful nature trail, which would have offered great views to the sea, but unfortunately the weather was grey and rainy.

We left Tunhamn on Wednesday morning with a bit mixed feelings. The nature on the island is very beautiful and the small ‘village’ of two houses is idyllic as well. On the other hand the surroundings of the nearby fishing harbour are untidy and full of random junk.