Before we set sail, I would like to share you a bit of information and lovely photos from Pihlajasaari, where I went last Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday!

Pihlajasaari is an island (or actually a group of islands connected with a bridge) situated only ten minutes’ boat trip away from the centre of Finland’s capital, Helsinki. During summer, there is a boat travelling between Kaivopuisto and Pihlajasaari and we took this boat to get to the island. The island has no permanent residents and it is the most popular summer oasis for the citizens of Helsinki.

First of all, it was great to see how much activity there was in the harbour called Merisatama in southern Helsinki on a sunny Saturday afternoon:

Merisatama, Helsinki

I was interested in visiting Pihlajasaari since I had never visited this place. If you ever come to visit Helsinki during summer time as a tourist, I recommend you should visit this place if you can not go sailing! It is namely very easy to make a trip to Pihlajasaari.

There is also a harbour for sailors on this island, so when we one day will sail to Helsinki region, this might be a possible harbour for us. The cost for staying in Pihlajasaari harbour seems quite reasonable: only 12 € per night compared to many other more expensive harbours in the area.

Had a lovely weekend meeting friends in Helsinki! Now we can focus on getting everything ready before beginning this summer’s sailing trip towards Sweden…

Idyllic houses on the island

Went swimming from sauna, even though the sea water is still quite cold here!