This week, building the winter cover frame and installing the plastic tarpaulin were on the agenda. For a moment, my father and I were actually planning to build a completely new frame from aluminum tubes, but decided to use our old wooden frame instead, because it was still in pretty good condition. Also, two years ago we had marked the positions of different parts, so we did not have to start from zero, when assembling the frame.

DD’s winter cover frame is definitely not an architectural masterpiece – compared to some of the ’boat houses’ in the yard – but it has served its job pretty well during the two winters (2010/2011 & 2011/2012) and also through the Dagmar storm in 2011. On the other hand, our berth at the boat yard is pretty sheltered, so more windy location might need sturdier winter cover frame. For this year, we made some improvements by adding support planks from the ground to the deck frame, which makes it easier to tie the plastic tarpaulin and keeps the tarpaulin away from the topsides. This improves ventilation and also keeps the topsides cleaner.

There is enough height under the tarpaulin, so that one can still work on the deck.