Byxelkrok harbour on Öland was our southernmost point for this season and on 13th of July we took a heading towards north. For the first time, we took an archipelago route from Öland to Stockholm Archipelago via the eastern coast of Sweden. On this part of the coast, the archipelago is quite narrow between the mainland and open Baltic Sea. However, the islands are mostly giving a good protection and the scenery along the route is definitely worth seeing. We stayed three nights in natural harbours, as there are a lot of possibilities for anchoring especially around St. Anna’s Archipelago.

We continued north towardas Åland and Finland through the Stockholm Archipelago.

During the trip, Dolphin Dance II logged 720 nautical miles. In overall, we were lucky with the winds as we travelled about 80 % of the nautical miles with renewable energy. We spent total of 13 nights on anchorages.


Anchored in St. Anna’s Archipelago. 
Ringsöfladen is located about 15 nautical miles west of Landsort, We visited this sheltered lagoon also in 2017.

Dolphin Dance II logged 720 nm during the summer trip.
We got hardest rain (maybe for years) when sailing at Stockholm Archipelago. Dalarö guest harbour was already full as we arrived there in the afternoon, so we continued further north to a natural harbour.
Sauna and swim at Särsö
Leaving busy Sandhamn. We got a berth from the marina after waiting for about 1/2 hour.
The summer 2019 was two-faced. First we had some strong and mostly northerly winds during the first two weeks. Then the wind got lighter and turned to south. All in all, we were lucky with the winds as we sailed about 80 % of the nautical miles.
Back in Åland. We anchored next to the Bomarsund castle ruins.