We visited Boot Düsseldorf, the world’s largest indoor boat show on the Sunday of the opening weekend. Although there were apparently less boats than on the previous years, the boat fair was nevertheless huge. The number of boats and exhibition halls was actually too large to cover in one day and thus we only toured less than half of the total of seventeen halls.

We were mostly concentrating on the two halls, which were reserved for sailing boats. I was especially interested checking out boats that are not that familiar in our home waters and local boat shows. Those included larger models of the world renowned brands as well as some smaller boats by the smaller yards. More about the latter category in the next blog post and video.

On Sunday morning, I also had a nice opportunity to sit down with Magnus Rassy, the CEO of Hallberg-Rassy. It was interesting to hear his views for example on combining traditional HR features with modern sailboat design. Check out his interview from the video.

Contest 42 CS 

Brightly coloured galley and saloon in the new Discovery 58. 
HR64, the flagship of the Hallberg-Rassy

 Spacious galley on HR64

 Exploration 45, the sistership of the Jimmy Cornell’s new Aventura IV.

Exploration 45: 270 degrees views from the saloon.