This weekend we made an autumn trip to Åre, one of the leading Scandinavian skiing resorts, situated in Jämtland County in Sweden. We were actually on a skiing holiday in Åre last February and liked very much the place and the beautiful hotel we lived in: Copperhill Mountain Lodge. This summer, we were lucky enough to win an online competition and the prize was a three-day stay in the hotel before the winter season start. Thus, we visited Åre again and were happy to come back to this inspiring scenery.
Unfortunately, the autumn has been warm in Sweden as well so there was not yet enough snow for skiing. But Åre is located close to the Norwegian border so on Saturday we drove to Norway to see the the Trondheimsfjord and the Atlantic Ocean. We also went to see a local marina in Stjørdal. It was interesting to discover that many boats were staying in water over the winter. Due to the Gulf Stream, most of the Norwegian coastline remains free of ice during the winter so one does not have to lay up the boat. 
One option that we can keep in mind for future expeditions in Norway, is to leave the boat in Norway for winter and come back next year. Stjørdal Båtforening could be the place for this… Do you have experience of wintering in Norway or recommendations for other harbours?
/Antti & Minna

View from the hotel

The top of Åreskutan is already covered with snow

A small fishing boat moored in Trondheimsfjord

Stjørdal winter harbour – boats are waiting for winter!