On Monday, after a short provision stop at Mariehamn, we decided to take an advantage of the rare easterly winds and head west towards Sweden. We had a good downwind almost all the way across the Åland Sea; the wind only faded away a couple of miles before arriving to the Stockholm Archipelago. As it was also getting late, we started looking for suitable anchorages from outer islands. Our Arholma-Landsort harbour book told that there would be many. However, the anchorage should provide shelter from easterly winds and also from the swell from the ships since the shipping lane was located quite closely.

The first anchorage that we checked was called Inre Hamnskär. We read from the harbour book that the main natural harbour there was open to the east, so it probably wasn’t suitable this time, but we decided to have a look of the other possible anchorages around this island. However, we eventually ended up dropping the hook on the bay of a small skerry, located on the east side of the Inre Hamnskär. The anchor gripped on the first time and the bay was mirror calm through the night. The anchorage also had a beautiful view towards the setting sun, so we thanked once more those easterly winds.

Late dinner after the crossing

On Tuesday, the easterly winds continued and we kept on downwind sailing through Stockholm archipelago in the very hot weather and sunshine. After Blidösundet we decided to anchor next to a small island called Fjärdskär. The evening was very warm, even after the sunset one could sit with a t-shirt, which is not that typical at these altitudes.
/Antti & Minna