Since the cold spring weather continues in Finland, we decided to take a break from boat maintenance tasks. Thus, we took a flight to Gdansk in Poland for a weekend vacation. It is nice to see that in the southern coast of Baltic Sea the spring is further: the trees have already leaves and everything is green.

On Saturday, the temperature climbed well over 15 degrees and the Sun was shining so we decided to go to check out some local marinas. First we took a bus to Gorki Zachodnie where the polish yard Delphia has its marina. Unfortunately, all the gates were closed so we had to settle for watching a number of boats sailing in the area.

 This boat requires a bit more maintenance…

Afterwards, we took a local train to Sopot, which is a seaside town and a famous holiday destination. In the centre of the Sopot beach, there is the longest pier in Europe – it is over 500 meters long. At the end of the pier there is a marina for cruising boats.

Antti on the Sopot Pier

Gdansk is a beautifully restored city with an impressive history. It is situated by the Motława River and since our hotel was by the river, we have been happily strolling by the riverside. Sunday was a rainy day but in the evening the weather got better. Thus, we focused on relaxing and eating well, but later in the afternoon when the Sun came out again, we went to see the marina situated in the heart of Gdansk city centre.

Gdansk Marina in the old town area

Gdansk is definitely a place which we shall visit later on also by boat. We shall make a tour of the Southern Baltic Sea in the future! After this relaxing weekend, it is good to get back home and back to normal routines again.

/Minna & Antti