I would like to share with you a simple tip, which I heard from our club’s surveyor last spring. It is a fairly common problem, that the boarding/swimming ladders of boats with, more or less, vertical transom tend to fall down when the boat is heeling and banging to the waves. Thus, it might be tempting to tie the ladders to the aft rail, so that you do not have to lift them up from time to time. At least, I have had this problem with both of the boats, that I have had.

However, it is important that the ladders can be lowered from the water so that one can climb back on board without outside assistance if necessary. Answer to the problem of dropping ladders is a simple flexible double clip. We could not find this kind of clip from the local maritime store, so we bought two single clips, designed for storing boat hooks etc. onboard, and attached (screwed) them together.

The clip fits perfectly in the 25 mm rail and gives enough resistance to hold the ladders in place while sailing, but is flexible enough, so that the ladder can be lowered by the person in the water.

 Note for HR29 owners. Dolphin Dance’s boarding ladders are located off-center due to the windvane. The clip might not work with the normal placement of the boarding ladders.