Since May draws to an end, it is a good time to share a couple of photos from this month. Despite the early launch this year, we haven’t had a chance to sail as much as we would have liked. Partly this is due to the arctic weather that dominated the first part of the month. However, in the latter part of the month the summer finally arrived, but the winds also calmed so we had to use the engine in both ways during the first night trip.

DD moored in Masku 

On the return leg, I got in the middle of a thunder shower, which brought heavy rain and lighting, 
but the wind stayed calm. 

Last Sunday we departed for the second cruise of the year. Again the wind was light during the day, but the sea breeze picked up during the afternoon so we got finally a nice evening sail to our boating club’s skerry harbour.

The club harbour has a strong TV signal, which was an important criteria as Finland was playing an Ice Hockey championship finals against Russia on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the game did not end that well for us…

On Monday we had a short downwind sail to nearby Nauvo/Nagu guest harbour 
where we left the boat for one day. 

Now we are back in the Archipelago and writing this post from deserted Houtskär (two boats in the marina), where we arrived after a twenty nautical miles sail from Nauvo. After a weekend’s heatwave, the temperatures have dropped about 15–20 degrees, so it was pretty cold at the sea. Especially, as the northerly wind was gusting 12 m/s (24 knots) today.