Since we started the sailing journey and began writing this blog, it has been wonderful to notice that there are so many people who are interested in our journey and keep following this blog! When we had started sailing, we heard wishes that we should create a site to show everyone where the boat is right now – on a map. I can understand why: it is easier to see the route and location, when one can see a map instead of only hearing the name of the harbour – especially because many of the harbours are situated in small fishers’ villages. This is why I started searching for opportunities on how we could share the location easily. I tried a couple of services but was not happy – until I found Bluemapia.

It is a site created by sailors for sailors – to share experiences, routes, pictures and comments. On the site, it is possible to socialize with other sailors but the site also offers a great possibility to embed a map of the route one has created to one’s blog. In my opinion, Bluemapia is easy to use and I can recommend it to everyone! So far we have mostly used Bluemapia from a web browser but we have now also downloaded the mobile application and since it locates one automatically, it seems like a very useful application.

The only problem is that there seem to be no WiFis good enough for surfing online when one is visiting harbours and it is always a fight to find an open, functioning network. Consequently, we have been planning to get a 3G connection for our laptop or iPad depending on the Norwegian prices and possibilities. Is the 3G network good in Norway (and on the seas)? Does anyone have good suggestions on how and where from we could obtain a microsim card (for iPad) or a regular sim card (for laptop) to be able to use the Norwegian 3G network? Are there prepaid options? All the help and tips we can get are highly appreciated! 🙂